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Dental Mercury Removal Systems

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Dental Mercury Removal Systems
Product & Manufacturer Comments
Air Techniques Guardian Amalgam Collector
Air Techniques
  • The Guardian Amalgam Collector collects mercury-bearing amalgam waste. Guardian exceeds the ISO 11143 regulation. It has been tested to remove 99.3% of the suspended amalgam in dental waste water.
Product & Manufacturer Comments
AVPROX(TM) Inc. Asdex Amalgam Separation System
American Dental Accessories, Inc.
  • One ASDEX separation filter must be iinstalled per office dental chair. Typically one ASDEX separation filter is used in-line with installed central vacuum pumping equipment, although two may be installed for redundancy
  • ISO 11143 certified
Product & Manufacturer Comments
Bio-Med Process ARU-10 Plus Amalgam Separator
Bio-Med Process
  • ARU-10 Plus amalgam separator has a five-stage purification process. It uses both ion-exchange beds and a 2-stage active media bed to remove mercury from the waste.
Product & Manufacturer Comments
DRNA Amalgam Separation & Recycling Service
Dental Recycling North America, Inc.
  • DRNA offers a complete hazardous waste service, including equipment (included in the service fee), installation, regularly scheduled canister removal and shipping, certified recycling in compliance with EPA standards, and maintenance
  • DRNA system features an ISO Certified two-step filtering system, for the removal of particulate mercury and then add an additional cycle, for the removal of soluble mercury
  • Optional systems include a particle trap for collection of large particles at the chairside and a "scrap trap" enclosed canister for dry waste
Product & Manufacturer Comments
MSS Amalgam Separation System
Maximum Separation Systems, Inc (MSS)
  • The MSS Amalgam Separation Technology utilizes sedimentation, filtration, and a treatment for dissolved mercury and metals
  • MSS units have passed ISO 11143 certification
  • On optional on-site waste management service contract is available with Safety-Kleen Corporation to pick up, transport, and recycle the controlled waste
Product & Manufacturer Comments
Pure Water Development ECO II Amalgam Separator
Pure Water Development, L.L.C.; Metasys Group
  • ISO 11143 certified amalgam separator
Product & Manufacturer Comments
R&D Services, Inc: The Amalgam Collector™
R & D Services, Inc.
(800) 816-4995
  • The Amalgam Collector™ is designed to trap the wastewater generated in dental procedures. Heavy metal particles and other solids are separated out, and the remaining filtered water and other fluids are released into the sewer system.
Product & Manufacturer Comments
Rasch 890 Amalgam Separator
AB Dental Trends Inc.
  • The Rasch 890 system is ISO certified and exceeds ISO standards. One system for up to 12 operatories; lasts ~18 months. Replace full canisters in under 5 minutes and ship UPS to collection depot for recycling.
Product & Manufacturer Comments
REBEC CatchHg Amalgam Separator
Rebec Simple Solutions
  • The REBEC CatchHg works with nearly every vacuum system currently used in dental offices. Dealer installation within a half hour.
  • The CatchHg system is designed to handle up to eight operatories for a year.
Product & Manufacturer Comments
SolmeteX(TM) Mercury Removal System
  • The SolmeteX system removes greater than 99% of the mercury, in both solid and dissolved form, from the waste stream of a vacuum dental system
  • The system consists of sedientation, mechanical filtration, and patented chelating Keyle:X(R), a soluble mercury removal resin
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Resource type
Web site
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority & Massachusetts Dental Society
MWRA and MDS have put together a user-friendly guidance document, available online, to increase awareness of the environmental impacts of dental waste
800-342-8747 (MDS)
National Wildlife Federation and the Vermont State Dental Society
NWF and VSDS created a guide to proper waste management in dental offices, available online.
800-640-5099 (VSDS)
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